Victoria Vics Team History
It was the year 1974, Tony Vogel and John Chapman started the new  Victoria Vics baseball team. The Vics had been dead for a few years, but when they hired "bullet" Bill Schneider as their manager, the Vics started playing in the Carver-Central League.  They had a few lean years but then it started to come together for the Vics. In 1980 they finally made it to the State Tournament with Charlie Larce at the helm, they lost out in the Quarter finals to Carver who lost there next game to Cold Spring who ended up winning the State Tournament that year in Jordan. The next year things started to fall apart and they mucked around for a few years. Then 1983 came around and Mike Poppitz took the team over, and was hoping to make an impact right away. The Vics had a few good runs getting to the State Tournament once again but always falling short by a game. Some of the players that helped in the development of the program to get through the 80's and roll on into the 90's were Brian Aretz, Joey Chapman, John and Pokey Johnson, John Chapman, Tony Vogel, Randy Schneider, Keith Christopherson, Randy Nelson, Tim Marble, "Big" Bob Metchel and many, Many more have come and gone to keep this program growing. Without Mike Poppitz, this team wouldn't be where it is now. One of the stronger teams in the Carver Central League.


From the City of Victoria board meeting:

Ms. Mahnke stated that Mike Poppitz has volunteered for over 28 years with the Victoria Vic's baseball team and has dedicated time, labor and money in maintaining the Lions Park ballfields. The Victoria Lions Club support the recommendation of naming a ball field after Mike Poppitz and the Park and Recreation Committee also recommends the Field No. 4 be named "Poppitz Field".

Mayor Hershberger Thun asked if a sign will be put up. Ms. Mahnke said they would put a sign up that says "Poppitz Field". She noted they would have a presentation of the field at a significant game in July or August. Mayor Hershberger Thun asked if he will be given a plaque or something to take home.

A motion was made by Amundsen, to approve Resolution No. 09-73; Naming Lions Park Field #4 Poppitz Field with the appropriate signage and recognition of Mr. Poppitz at a date and time to be determined later. The motion was seconded. With all members voting in favor, the motion carried. Vote: 5 Ayes, 0 Nays.